Dosho Gym 5000

When the inventor of Bowflex decided to create the next great exercise revolution he designed the Dosho Gym 5000. The Dosho Gym 5000 features several patented features designed to making working out more effective, safer and more fun.

The Dosho Gym 5000 is a complete home gym for all levels from beginner to professional. Its patented Lift Assist and Depth Limiter features act as a “virtual spotter” to help you have the best form possible. This provides a better workout and helps prevent injury. The gym is designed for easy transitions between exercises and comes with patented adjustable Dosho dumbbells. It is made from very high quality steel and is easily assembled in minutes.

Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Back & Lats
For a complete upper body workout, all you need are two patented Clam-Shell Dosho Bells. They easily adjust from 5 lbs to 45 lbs in seconds. Simply lock in the amount of weight you wish to use, the plates you don’t need stay in the included storage case as you lift up the dumbbell. The high-grade Rubber Hand Grips provide a non-slip, controlled grip. The bench has an ergonomic back rest designed to allow your arms full range of motion – making the most of your bench presses. When your workout is over, use the included built-in Weight Sliders to safely tuck the dumbbells away.

Quads, Hamstrings, Calves & Glutes
Squats are ideal muscle-building and strengthening exercises for your legs and glutes. Position your feet on the Heel Lift for minimal lower back strain. The patented, spring-loaded Lift-Assist System in the seatback acts as your own personal spotter, making sure you never get stuck at the bottom of your squat. Simply adjusting the number of Lift-Assist Powerbands allows you to choose how much "lift" you need. Next, set the patent-pending adjustable Depth-Limiter Bar to stop your squat at a perfect 90 degrees or the range you're comfortable with. Our unique Leg-Extension System converts Dosho Bells instantly into adjustable weights for gym-quality exercises to strengthen and build the upper legs.

Abs & Obliques
Sculpt perfect abs and obliques using our patented Lift-Assist System. It makes the full range of ab exercises, including the difficult reverse crunch, attainable by anyone. Providing comfort and support for your head and neck, it virtually eliminates the "sticking point" that makes sit-ups less than fun. Over time, reduce the amount of Lift-Assist Powerbands as your abs and surrounding core muscles get stronger. The ergonomically placed T-Bar perfectly positions your legs & knees to reduce stress and strain on your lower back. Use the included Ab Strap when you’re up for an increased challenge.

The Dosho Gym 5000 comes with a complete 78-page training program which includes descriptions of over 40 gym-quality free weight exercises for beginning, intermediate and advanced users. The DG5 ships in only three boxes and the bench comes in six easy to assemble pieces. Measures: 60”L x 24”W x 16”H and weighs 82 lbs. Maximum user weight is 400 lbs and maximum height is 6 1/2 feet. Lifetime Warranty (click here for details).

Dosho Gym 5000 assembles in Minutes
Assembles in Minutes

Dosho Gym 5000 ships in 3 boxes
Ships in Only Three Boxes

Your DG5 Includes:
Solid-steel Dosho Bench
Two adjustable Dosho Bells
Six Lift-Assist Powerbands
Attachable Ab Strap
Two Dosho Bell Weight Sliders
78-page Training Program
Lifetime Warranty (click here for details).

One Time Payment
ONLY $499

FREE US Shipping ($99 value)

There will be a separate shipping charge of $99.00 plus any applicable tax and duty fees for orders placed by customers outside of the United States.


It's like having your own spotter!

Dosho Gym 5000 Features

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